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Clan History

Though the clan is rooted in FPS games, it got it's start back on Socom II with NinjaMan and CorneySlug playing online together. Then moving on to Rainbow Six 3 and with the interests of getting in a few Clan matches online, they made their first OP3 roster on GameBattles on August 20, 2004 and quickly rounded up some top notch players, such as Stoner, Crimsin, F.Colon1, Justin, Joker147, GitRDun, Zachishi, Whiskey, and BusaRick..

Though the OP3 Clan had a rough start with the first roster on Rainbow Six 3, losing the first 16 matches, the players bonded and had some really great nights just hanging out together. The losses eventually ended and the OP3 Clan topped out on the very active Rainbow Six 3 Ladder at 17th place.

But after only four months on the Rainbow Six 3 Ladder, a new game had hit the market and it was called KillZone. The Core Members decided to move the clan over to KillZone, build a roster, and continue to seek many battles together. But after only four months and topping out at 7th place on the ladder, it was decided to move the clan again...

The OP3 Clan landed on TimeSplitters and finially grabbed a 1st place position on a GameBattles Ladder. See Ranked/Retired for more information...

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